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Weblog SQL Search

Please see below for WebLog and SqlLog schema information. This query page has a timeout of 10 minutes. For batch query access to the Weblog DB, please use the JHU CasJobs batch query workbench.

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Output Format HTML XML CSV

WebLog Columns

The weblog information -- contains visible log records. The information is parsed from the W3C
format weblog files, generated on each web server by IIS.

Name Type Description
yy smallint the year of the event
mm tinyint the month of the event
dd tinyint the day of the event
hh tinyint the hour of the event
mi tinyint the minute of the event
ss tinyint the second of the event
logID int the log that this came from, foreign key: LogSource.logID
seq bigint sequence number
clientIP char(256) the IP address of the client
op char(8) the operation (GET,POST,...)
command varchar(7000) the command executed
error int the error code if any
browser varchar(2000) the browser type
location varchar(32) the location of the site (FNAL, JHU,..
service varchar(32) type of service (SKYSERVER, SKYSERVICE, SKYQUERY,...)
instance varchar(32) The log underneath the service (V1, V2,.. )
uri varchar(32) The url or other ID for this service.
framework varchar(32) the calling framework (ASP,ASPX,HTML,QA,SOAP,...)
product varchar(32) the type of product acessed (EDR, DR1, DR2,...
PRIMARY KEY (yy desc ,mm desc,dd desc,hh desc,mi desc,ss desc,seq desc,logID)

SqlLog Columns

The (successfully or unsuccessfully) completed SQL queries. This information is actually written
to the log DB on each SDSS server by the stored procedure that executes each SkyServer query.

Name Type Description
theTime datetime the timestamp
webserver varchar(64) the url
winname varchar(64) the windows name of the server
clientIP varchar(16) client IP address
seq int sequence number to guarantee uniqueness of PK
server varchar(32) the name of the database server
dbname varchar(32) the name of the database
access varchar(32) The website DR1, collab,...
sql varchar(7800) the SQL statement
elapsed real the lapse time of the query
busy real the total CPU time of the query
[rows] bigint the number of rows generated
error int 0 if ok, otherwise the sql error #; negative numbers are generated by the procedure
errorMessage varchar(2000) the error message.
PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED (theTime,webserver,winname,clientIP,seq)