Access functions

fResolveStatusF Return the ResolveStatus flag value, indexed by name
fResolveStatusNF Return the expanded ResolveStatus corresponding to the flag value as a string

ResolveStatus Data values

RUN_PRIMARY0x00000001primary within the objects own run (but not necessarily for the survey as a whole)
RUN_RAMP0x00000002in what would be the overlap area of a field, but with no neighboring field
RUN_OVERLAPONLY0x00000004only appears in the overlap between two fields
RUN_IGNORE0x00000008bright or parent object that should be ignored
RUN_EDGE0x00000010near lowest or highest column
RUN_DUPLICATE0x00000020duplicate measurement of same pixels in two different fields
SURVEY_PRIMARY0x00000100Primary observation within the full survey, where it appears in the primary observation of this part of the sky
SURVEY_BEST0x00000200Best observation within the full survey, but it does not appear in the primary observation of this part of the sky
SURVEY_SECONDARY0x00000400Repeat (independent) observation of an object that has a different primary or best observation
SURVEY_BADFIELD0x00000800In field with score=0
SURVEY_EDGE0x00001000Not kept as secondary because it is RUN_RAMP or RUN_EDGE object