Access functions

fPhotoTypeF Returns the PhotoType value, indexed by name (Galaxy, Star,...)
fPhotoTypeNF Returns the PhotoType name, indexed by value (3-> Galaxy, 6-> Star,...)

PhotoType Data values

UNKNOWN0Unknown: Object type is not known.
COSMIC_RAY1Cosmic-ray track (not used).
DEFECT2Defect: Object is caused by a defect in the telescope or processing pipeline. (not used)
GALAXY3Galaxy: An extended object composed of many stars and other matter.
GHOST4Ghost: Object created by reflected or refracted light. (not used)
KNOWNOBJ5KnownObject: Object came from some other catalog (not the SDSS catalog). (not yet used)
STAR6Star: A a self-luminous gaseous celestial body.
TRAIL7Trail: A satellite or asteriod or meteor trail. (not yet used)
SKY8Sky: Blank sky spectogram (no objects in this arcsecond area).