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Welcome to SkyServer! This site gives you access to all the data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS). Here, you will learn how to use exactly the same tools that professional astronomers use.

You are now viewing the catalog data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey's Data Release 9. (link opens in a new window)

Use the links below, or the links to the left, to go to a help page:

Start Here

Start Here gives you a quick overview of SDSS catalog data, and how to use the data

Cooking with Sloan consists of guides for doing common tasks with SDSS catalog data

FAQ is frequently asked questions about the SDSS and its data

Guide to Searching for Data

SQL Tutorial is an introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL), its scientific uses, and its syntax

SQL in SkyServer contains more detailed information about SQL, including advice making your queries run fast

Sample SQL Queries are many real-life examples of useful SQL queries

Query Limits lists the timeouts and row limits in effect for the various query tools.

Searching advice provides some practical advice on how to search SDSS data

Important Reference Information

About the Database gives an overview of the catalog archive

Table Description provides a description of the database tables

Schema Browser shows you what data you can find in the database

Glossary is a list of terms used on the site and in the SDSS

Algorithms describes the SDSS's data reduction algorithms

Detailed Reference Information

SDSS Data Publications is a link to publications that describe the SDSS data in more detail

API contains information on how to programatically access some of the SDSS services

Help Desk

Contact Help Desk allows you to send an email to the SDSS Help Desk if you have a question or problem with the site