TABLE  ProperMotions

Proper motions combining SDSS and recalibrated USNO-B astrometry.

These results are based on the technique described in Munn et al. 2004, AJ, 127, 3034

deltareal4arcsecPOS_ANG_DIST_GENERALDistance between this object and the nearest matching USNO-B object.
matchint4 CODE_MISCNumber of objects in USNO-B which matched this object within a 1 arcsec radius. If negative, then the nearest matching USNO-B object itself matched more than 1 SDSS object.
pmLreal4mas/yearPOS_PMProper motion in galactic longitude.
pmBreal4mas/yearPOS_PMProper motion in galactic latitude.
pmRareal4mas/yearPOS_PM_RAProper motion in right ascension.
pmDecreal4mas/yearPOS_PM_DECProper motion in declination.
pmRaErrreal4mas/yearPOS_PM_RA_ERRError in proper motion in right ascension.
pmDecErrreal4mas/yearPOS_PM_DEC_ERRError in proper motion in declination.
sigRareal4masCODE_MISCRMS residual for the proper motion fit in r.a.
sigDecreal4masCODE_MISCRMS residual for the proper motion fit in dec.
nFitint4 CODE_MISCNumber of detections used in the fit including the SDSS detection (thus, the number of plates the object was detected on in USNO-B plus one).
Oreal4magPHOT_MAG_GRecalibrated USNO-B O magnitude, recalibrated to SDSS g
Ereal4magPHOT_MAG_RRecalibrated USNO-B E magnitude, recalibrated to SDSS r
Jreal4magPHOT_MAG_GRecalibrated USNO-B J magnitude, recalibrated to SDSS g
Freal4magPHOT_MAG_RRecalibrated USNO-B F magnitude, recalibrated to SDSS r
Nreal4magPHOT_MAG_IRecalibrated USNO-B N magnitude, recalibrated to SDSS i
dist20real4arcsecPOS_ANG_DISTDistance to the nearest neighbor with g < 20
dist22real4arcsecPOS_ANG_DISTDistance to the nearest neighbor with g < 22
objidbigint8 ID_MAINunique id, points to photoObj