TABLE  Frame

Contains JPEG images of fields at various zoom factors, and their astrometry.

The frame is the basic image unit. The table contains false color JPEG images of the fields, and their most relevant parameters, in particular the coefficients of the astrometric transformation, and position info. The images are stored at several zoom levels.

fieldIDbigint8 ID_FIELDLink to the field table
zoomint4 INST_SCALEZoom level 2^(zoom/10)
runint4 OBS_RUNRun number
rerunint4 ID_NUMBERRerun number
camcolint4 INST_IDCamera column
fieldint4 ID_FIELDField number
stripeint4 ID_AREAStripe number
stripvarchar32 ID_AREAStrip number (N or S)
afloat8degPOS_TRANS_PARAMAstrometric coefficient
bfloat8deg/pixPOS_TRANS_PARAMAstrometric coefficient
cfloat8deg/pixPOS_TRANS_PARAMAstrometric coefficient
dfloat8degPOS_TRANS_PARAMAstrometric coefficient
efloat8deg/pixPOS_TRANS_PARAMAstrometric coefficient
ffloat8deg/pixPOS_TRANS_PARAMAstrometric coefficient
nodefloat8degPOS_TRANS_PARAMAstrometric coefficient
inclfloat8degPOS_INCLINAstrometric coefficient
raMinfloat8degPOS_EQ_RA_OTHERMin of ra
raMaxfloat8degPOS_EQ_RA_OTHERMax of ra
decMinfloat8degPOS_EQ_DEC_OTHERMin of dec
decMaxfloat8degPOS_EQ_DEC_OTHERMax of dec
mufloat8degPOS_SDSS_MUSurvey mu of frame center
nufloat8degPOS_SDSS_NUSurvey nu of frame center
rafloat8degPOS_EQ_RA_MAINRa of frame center
decfloat8degPOS_EQ_RA_MAINDec of frame center
cxfloat8 POS_EQ_CART_XCartesian x of frame center
cyfloat8 POS_EQ_CART_YCartesian y of frame center
czfloat8 POS_EQ_CART_ZCartesian z of frame center
htmIDbigint8 CODE_MISCThe htmID for point at frame center
imgvarbinary-1 IMAGE?The image in JPEG format