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Cut and paste the object list containing a unique plate, mjd and fiber:

Or upload it as text file

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To get FITS files from the DAS, please use the upload button on the query results page.

SpecList Help

This page is for dynamic cross identifications of the SDSS spectroscopic objects with a user defined list of (plate, mjd, fiber) values. In order to avoid congestion on the server, the list is limited to a size of 80KB. If this is a problem, please submit your list in pieces.
The format of the list can be from the following choices:
You need to either cut/paste the list into the textbox, or upload a text file. Various extensions (.txt, .dat, .csv, .tbl) are allowed, as long as the MIME type does not get confused. Binary files are not accepted.
If both the paste buffer and file upload are specified, the file upload takes precedence.

Getting FITS files from the DAS

If the SELECT list includes the columns plate, mjd and fiberid, a button will be included on the results page to upload the spectra list to the DAS to retrieve FITS spectra. If there is a JOIN with imaging data and run, rerun, camcol and field columns are in the SELECT list, a button will also be included on the query results page to upload the list of fields to the DAS for FITS file retrieval.

Query is limited to 600 seconds and 100000 rows. Please see the Query Limits page.