TABLE  QsoCatalogAll

A catalog of all objects that 'smell like a 'QSO' - this is the source table of candidates for the QuasarCatalog table, which contains the list of confirmed quasars.

QsoCatalogAll basically describes a triple (Target, Spec, Best) of objects that were flagged as QSO and that form a bunch. The triple names 3 objects and thier 'quality flags'. In the simplest case, all three objects were flagged as QSO. And all 3 have the same ra,dec and have very similar magnitudes. In that case the 'QsoCandidate' boolean flags are set for each If the distances magnitude differences are near zero, that means it is a very good match. If one or two of the types (target, spec, photo) were not flagged QSO, we look for a 'surrogate' of that type (target, spec, photo) nearby (within 1.5 arcseconds). If one is found its objectID is put in the triple and the QsoCandidate flag for that object is set to zero. The distance measures indicate the goodness of the spatial match. The psfMag difference measures indicate the goodness of the optical fit. See also QsoConcordance, QsoSpec, QsoBest and QsoTarget.

HeadObjIDbigint8  ID of first object in bunch (points to QsoBunch)
tripleIDint4  Unique ID of this triple in the bunch
QsoPrimarybit1  1; this is best triple of bunch
HeadObjTypechar6  type of head object 'TARGET', 'SPEC', 'BEST'
TargetObjIDbigint8  target QSO or surrogate target object or zero
SpecObjIDbigint8  spec QSO or surrogate specobj or 0
BestObjIDbigint8  best QSO or surrogate best or
TargetQsoTargetedbit1  1: Target was flagged QSO
SpecQsoConfirmedbit1  1; Spec was confirmed QSO
SpecQsoUnknownbit1  1; Spec was class unkonwn
SpecQsoLargeZbit1  1; SpecObj has Z > 0.6
SpecQsoTargetedbit1  1; Spec was targeted as QSO
BestQsoTargetedbit1  1: Best was flagged QSO
dist_Target_Bestfloat8  distance arcMin
dist_Target_Specfloat8  distance arcMin
dist_Best_Specfloat8  distance arcMin