TABLE  IndexMap

Table containing the definition of all indices

Contains all information necessary to build the indices including the list of fields. Drives both index creation and data validation.

indexmapidint4 CODE_MISCunique primary key for the indexmap
codevarchar2 CODE_MISCone char designator of index category for lookup ('K'|'F'|'I')
typevarchar32 CODE_MISCindex type, one of ('primary key'|'foreign key'|'index'|'unique index')
tableNamevarchar128 CODE_MISCthe name of the table the index is built on
fieldListvarchar1000 CODE_MISCthe list of columns to be included in the index
foreignKeyvarchar1000 CODE_MISCthe definition of the foreign Key if any
indexgroupvarchar128 CODE_MISCthe group id, one of ('PHOTO'|'TAG'|'SPECTRO'|'QSO'|'META'|'TILES'|'FINISH')