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First Discoveries - Publications

Most of the discoveries highlighted here have been or will be written in peer-reviewed scientific journals. The peer review process allows other scientists to evaluate the work described here, and to suggest other things for the researchers to consider.

The following scientific papers have appeared on the Astrophysics Preprint Server at Los Alamos National Laboratories. You can download the full text of any of the papers by clicking the links below. You will come to a new screen. Click "Other formats," then click "Create PDF" to download a PDF file. (You can read PDF files with Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free from Adobe's web site.)

Click one of the links below to view a paper. The paper will open in a new window. These papers are tough reading, even for professional astronomers. But they will give you the complete story of the SDSS's discoveries. For a list of all the papers published by SDSS scientists, see the Publications List on the www.sdss.org web site.


Solar System Objects Observed in the SDSS Commissioning Data, Ivezic et. al, May 2001

Brown Dwarfs

The Discovery of a Field Methane Dwarf from Sloan Digital Sky Survey Commissioning Data, Strauss et. al, May 1999

The Discovery of a Second Field Methane Brown Dwarf from Sloan Digital Sky Survey Commissioning Data, Tsvetanov, et. al, January 2000

The Missing Link: Early Methane ("T") Dwarfs in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, Leggett et. al, April 2000

Galactic Halos

The Ghost of Sagittarius and Lumps in the Halo of the Milky Way, Newberg et. al, November 2001

Dark Matter

Weak Lensing with SDSS Commissioning Data: The Galaxy-Mass Correlation Function to 1/h Mpc, Fischer et. al, May 2000


Colors of 2625 Quasars at 0 < z < 5 Measured in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Photometric System, Richards et. al, December 2000

A Survey of z>5.8 Quasars in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey I: Discovery of Three New Quasars and the Spatial Density of Luminous Quasars at z~6, Fan et. al, September 2001

Gunn-Peterson Effect

Evidence for Reionization at z~6: Detection of a Gunn-Peterson Trough in a z=6.28 Quasar, Becker et. al, September 2001

Large-Scale Structure

KL Estimation of the Power Spectrum Parameters from the Angular Distribution of Galaxies in Early SDSS Data, Szalay et. al, July 2001

The 3D Power Spectrum from Early SDSS Angular Clustering, Dodelson et. al, July 2001