Galaxy Zoo

SDSS photometric data also includes morphological classifications of galaxies from the Galaxy Zoo project. More than 200,000 online volunteer citizen scientists. Galaxy Zoo 1 data consists of simple morphological type classification (spiral vs. elliptical) for 893,212 galaxies. Galaxy Zoo 1 data are described in Lintott et al. 2011 , and details of the project are available in Linott et al. 2008 .

New in SDSS Data Release 10 are more detailed classifications of internal structure of the brightest 25% of the Main Galaxy Sample from Galaxy Zoo 2 . Full details of the processes used to combine the votes (from a median of ~40 people per galaxy) and construct debiased classification likelihoods are described in Willett et al. (in press at MNRAS).

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Galaxy Zoo 1


objid Votes Elliptical probability (debiased) Spiral probability (debiased)
1237668296598749280 31 0.161 0.774
Clockwise spiral probability Anticlockwise spiral probability Edge-on spiral probablity Merger system probability
0.161 0.065 0.548 0.065


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objid f_unclass_clean f_misclass_clean
1237668296598749280 0.321 0


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Galaxy Zoo 2


dr8objid total_classifications total_votes
1237668296598749280 45 295


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No data found for this object