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Create a Hubble Diagram

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How do I...

Create a Hubble Diagram to show the expanding universe?

An extremely important topic in astronomy is the expansion of the universe. Although the expanding universe is nearly always discussed in lecture during astronomy survey courses, it can be difficult to address in lab because data can be so difficult to obtain. But the SDSS has photometric data on about 8 million galaxies – so labs are limited only by the imaginations of students and instructors.

SkyServer's projects have two lesson plans about the Hubble Diagram (all links open in the same new window): The Universe (student activity | teacher notes) is appropriate for most K-12 and Astronomy 101 students, and The Hubble Diagram (student activity | teacher notes) is appropriate for higher-level and/or highly motivated students.

This guide will show you how to create a Hubble Diagram, step-by-step, in two different ways.

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