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Using the Image List tool (Open in new window)

  1. Go to the Image List tool (opens in new window). From the astronomers' main page, look under Advanced Tools. From the public main page, look under SkyServer Tools.

  2. You can use the textbox in the upper left of the form, just above Cut and Paste ra/dec list, to get thumbnail images of a list of objects. Paste the list into the textbox in the upper left corner, in this format: name ra dec (with spaces between). name can be anything you want; ra and dec must be in decimal degrees.

  3. However, you can also fill in the Image List with results from an SQL search (also called a query), allowing you to see thumbnail images of objects that meet your search criteria. To send query results to the Image List tool, click the small Use query to fill form link above the textbox.

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