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Cut and paste the object list containing a unique id, ra and dec here:

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This page is to do dynamic cross identifications of SDSS photometric objects with a user defined list of object positions. In order to avoid congestion on the server, the list is limited to 1000 objects, and to a size of 80KB. The radius is limited to 3 arcmins, and the output data set can not exceed 10,000 objects. If this is a problem, please submit your list in pieces.
The format of the list can be from the following choices:
  1. List of (ra,dec) pairs
    Always ra comes first, followed by dec. Both ra and dec must be in degrees. The separator can be any white space or a comma.
  2. List of (name,ra,dec) triplets
    The fields must always be in this order. The name can be any single alphanumeric string containing at most an underscore and a dot (like ABC_1234.32). Both ra and dec must be in degrees. The separator can be any white space or a comma.
  3. Same as above, with a single header line
    The formats (1) and (2) can also contain a single header line, containing the column names. The header must use the same separator as the data. The names ra and dec are mandatory.
  4. Lists in the IRSA Gator format
    For details see the IRSA website.
You need to either cut/paste the list into the textbox, or upload a text file. Various extensions (.txt, .dat, .csv, .tbl) are allowed, as long as the MIME type does not get confused. Binary files are not accepted.
If both the paste buffer and file upload are specified, the file upload takes precedence.
Query is limited to 30 seconds and 10,000 rows.