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Query Timeouts and Row Limits

Due to the sheer size of the SDSS databases, queries that search the entire TB database (BEST or TARG), or queries that are not formulated in the most efficient way, can take a very long time to execute (hours). To be fair to other users and prevent the CAS from bogging down, the SkyServer search tools have built-in timeouts and row limits (max. number of rows in query results). These are listed below for eachtool.

If your query is timing out, please see the Optimizing Queries section of the SQL Intro Page.

If none of these options work, we may be able to make special arrangements for you to obtain the data that you need. Please contact the helpdesk in that case.

Tool/Page Timeout (sec) Row Limit Remarks
SQL Search 3600 100000 Browsers cannot render large outputs
Object Crossid 600 100000 Applies to both Upload and Speclist
Form Query 600 100000 Imaging (IQS) and Spectro (SQS)
Visual Tools 600 NA Finding, Navigate, Image Lists
sdssQA 3600 No limit Downloadable Java client
Default 90 100000 Defaults when none of the above limits apply