Nearby objects (neighbors)

Many interesting astronomical questions start with asking, "what is near this object"? To enable these kinds of questions, the list below shows all SDSS objects within 0.5 arcminutes of the selected object.

Finding nearby objects is computationally intensive, so we have precomputed a 0.5-arcminute neighbors search for each object in the photoObjAll table. These precomputed neighbor searches are stored in the Neighbors table.

This Object

IAU nameobjidthingid
SDSS J140537.29+573736.41237659326016585984517960373

Neighboring objects within 0.5 arcminutes

objIdradecdistance (arcmin)typemode(mode description)
1237659326016585941 211.40493 57.622210.276STAR1PRIMARY
1237659326016586095 211.41331 57.623970.306GALAXY1PRIMARY
1237659326016586094 211.41568 57.622860.406GALAXY1PRIMARY
1237659326016585982 211.39752 57.632950.447GALAXY1PRIMARY
1237659326016586068 211.39482 57.621910.448GALAXY1PRIMARY
1237659326016586063 211.39170 57.624940.453STAR1PRIMARY
1237659326016586096 211.41526 57.621000.471GALAXY1PRIMARY