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On May 3rd 2016, we will roll out a new collaborative science framework called SciServer  (new window). SciServer will integrate the current SkyServer and CasJobs systems, as well as add several new features. The main feature is a Single Sign-On system across all SciServer applications. SkyServer will still support anonymous access, but if you log in with your new SciServer account, you can save queries and results to your MyDB personal database in CasJobs. You can also seamlessly access other SciServer services.

For more information on all upcoming new features, please see our New Features  (new window) section on the SciServer website.

  Welcome to the DR12 site!!!
This website presents data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, a project to make a map of a large part of the universe. We would like to show you the beauty of the universe, and share with you our excitement as we build the largest map in the history of the world.
The site hosts data from Data Release 12 (DR12). What's new in DR12, what's new on this site and known problems. More...
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