Warning: This site will be retired on July 31, 2014. Please see front page.  
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Dear SDSS-II CasJobs users, this site will be retired On July 31, 2014 to be replaced by the SDSS-III CasJobs site that is currently at http://skyserver.sdss3.org/CasJobs, so please wind your queries down on this site and switch to the new site at your earliest convenience. You will need to create a new account on the SDSS-III CasJobs site (unless you already have one), your MyDB contents from this site will NOT automatically be transferred to the new site.

Note that on August 1, 2014, this URL will be hosting the new site, and http://skyserver.sdss3.org/CasJobs will be redirected to this URL.

If you wish to transfer some or all of your MyDB tables to the new CasJobs site, please first cleanup (delete) all tables that you do not need, and then contact the help desk by clicking on the Contact link below and specifying "MyDB data transfer" as the subject on the contact form. You should be using this site only if your queries need to use data that currently exists in your MyDB here. Otherwise you are strongly encouraged to switch to the new site ASAP. Thank you for your cooperation.

Welcome to the SDSS CasJobs site. This is the CasJobs site for SDSS-I and SDSS-II, if you are looking for the SDSS-III CasJobs site, that is a separate (new) site at http://skyserver.sdss3.org/casjobs/.

CasJobs is an online workbench for large scientific catalogs, designed to emulate and enhance local free-form query access in a web environment.

Some features of this application include...

The web interface for CasJobs is fully compatible with recent versions of the following browsers:

CasJobs is partially compatible with recent versions of the following browsers:

For more information, try the CasJobs FAQ, or guide. Or, to get started right away, either login or create an account.